Ombre Rainbow Aluminium Foil Balloon Singapore


Ombre rainbow aluminium foil number balloon Size: 70cm in height ●Use occasions: birthday party / anniversary celebratioin 【Inflation and Deflation】 You can use a straw or a pump to inflate from the inflation port (please note: do not insert the straw too deep, otherwise it may leak). When deflating, insert a straw into the balloon, and then press the balloon to slowly expel the gas, which is convenient for storage and can be used repeatedly. 【Notes】 ●Please pinch the inflation inlet twice gently to prevent the air leakage. ●Please do not inflate the balloon to full. ●Please deflate the balloon a little bit in summer or when the temperature rises due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the gas. ●Please inflate the balloon on the day of use as helium or hydrogen can float for 6-14 hours. 【About helium and hydrogen】 ️ The balloons can float in the air when inflated with hydrogen or helium. The helium is an inert gas so we highly recommend that you use helium as it’s much safer than hydrogen, which will explode in the air when there is fire. If you have to use hydrogen, please stay away from the fire. 【Warm tips】 About damage: Balloons are consumables and the price is very low. It is difficult for any factory to inflate each balloon before delivery so there will be a damage rate of 2% ~ 3%, If you encounter this kind of situation, please do not be too angry. Please check where the leak point is and then use transparent adhesive to stick it as emergency processing. And then you can contact our customer servie and we will send you a coupon as compensation. About packaging: There will be creases on the balloon as the aluminum film is folded in the package, but the effect after inflation won’t disappoint you. About return: Due to the high cost of postage, we don’t provide return or replacement if there is a problem of air leakage or slight color difference, but we will compensate you in other ways. #Number Balloon#Belon Nombor#Birthday Balloon#Anniversary Decoration#Party Decoration#Aluminum Foil Balloon#Balloon Number 0# Balloon Number 1# Balloon Number 2# Balloon Number 3# Balloon Number 4# Balloon Number 5# Balloon Number 6# Balloon Number 7# Balloon Number 8# Balloon Number 9#


Ombre rainbow aluminium foil number balloon birthday party age number balloon

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