Drunk Desires Card Game Singapore


Unleash Intimacy with Drunk Desires, the Ultimate Couples Drinking Game

Drunk Desires is designed to bring couples closer together, with 50 flirtatious, daring and exciting cards that guarantee an unforgettable night.

How to Play:

Take turns drawing a card from the deck, face down. If you draw a “…or drink” card, you must follow the instructions or take a sip. If you draw a “drink if…” card, both players must participate if applicable, and whoever relates must drink.

What’s Included:

  • 50 Playing Cards
  • 28 Dirty (Black) Cards
  • 22 Flirty (White) Cards

Perfect for adult couples seeking to deepen their connection, Drunk Desires promises lots of laughter, fun and maybe even some intimate moments. Get ready for a wild night!

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