Buy P Plate Singapore


-For Car/MPV/Van (eg. Class 3) with Windscreen
-Electrostatic Sticker with Mild Reflective Paint
-Easy to Install/Remove
-No Damage to Windscreen
-Featherweight (<10 g) -Singapore FAQ Laminated: Yes Reflective: Mild (NOT industrial grade) Glue/Adhesive: No Luminous: No Authority Approved: No Reusable: Yes


Where to buy p plate in Singapore?

What is a p plate in Singapore?

In Singapore, a “P” plate is a type of license plate that is used to identify a driver who is a provisional or learner driver. Provisional drivers are individuals who are learning to drive and have not yet passed a driving test. They are allowed to drive on public roads, but are subject to certain restrictions, such as a lower speed limit and a ban on driving on expressways. The “P” plate is used to alert other drivers that the vehicle is being driven by a provisional driver and to encourage them to exercise caution when driving near the vehicle. It is also used to remind provisional drivers of the rules and restrictions that apply to their driving privileges.

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