Angel Wings Push Up Bra Singapore


– Perfect to wear with a backless or low cut top or dress
– Adjustable at the middle. The middle clasp can be taken out in order to stick the bra on more easily
– High quality material, can be reused.
– Sweat resistant
– Super push up effect as well. Instructions for how to get that optimal push up effect is included reusable bra sticker

Available in
Black A
Black B
Black C
Black D
Nude A
Nude B
Nude C
Nude D

How to choose your size: You should pick the cup size that you usually get for everyday bras

Care instructions – how to reuse
1. Keep the back plastic sheet
2. When done using, wipe the back with lukewarm water and a cloth
3. Dry it
4. Quickly place the plastic sheet back to preserve the stickiness


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